Thursday, October 11, 2012


Here is a thriller directed by M. Night Shyamalan, everyone's favorite director!

This movie was interesting. I didn't have high expectations, with it being both an alien movie and an alien movie directed by M. Night Shyamalan. But to be completely honest, I enjoyed the majority of the movie. Sure there were many plot holes and I had to suspend my disbelief, but this movie was not a bad film. There was one particular scene where a group of kids in Spain recorded an alien. This build up and the suspenseful music allowed me to get chills once the extraterrestrial appeared. I think this was the highlight of the film.
The acting was not excellent, but it was decent. I think Mel Gibson and Joauquin Phoenix acted well. The girl, Bo, was acted extremely well by Abigail Breslin. However I didn't like Rory Culkin's performance as Bo's brother, Morgan. I don't know what it was, but he didn't appeal to me as well as Abigail did. Phoenix did extremely well as a more laid back and crazy sibling of Mel Gibson's character (He also did very well at having a very hard to spell name). Graham Hess started out with being a boring character. He virtually lacked personality. I thought he resembled a Kirsten Stewart, until a very emotional scene where he began to cry. This was well done.
The movie, plot-wise, started out well. Several strange scenes with little to no music of a farmland being eerily left with crop signs. There was lots of suspense throughout the film. It didn't have much character development, but it wasn't necessarily essential for the story. However, the biggest con to this movie, was that this dramatic build up and suspense led to almost nothing. I was extremely disappointed at this, and the many plot holes that this movie contained. However I won't go into detail.
I award this movie with a generous 6/10. It was enjoyable, but it had more potential.


  1. Shyamalan and Gibson are my favorites! I'm really disappointed in myself that I haven't seen this movie before, it's going straight to the top of my to-watch list because I just have to witness this monumental piece of art for myself.

  2. I loved this movie so much, scared the shit out of me