Monday, March 05, 2012

Ed Wood

I watched Ed Wood. This movie was made in Touchstone Pictures and released in 1994. This movie stars Johnny Depp.

I am going to change my way of doing reviews, I will not be writing synopses, as all of you can easily go to the links in the list and check out a better written synopsis by someone else. Of course I will still be writing reviews.

This movie is overly underrated and overlooked. Without question it's one of Tim Burton's best, most complete work and Johnny Depp is superb. Perhaps it's the total understanding of this subject that allowed Tim Burton to do so well with this movie. Ed Wood, is about the Hollywood career of Ed Wood, one truly screwed up individual; a cross-dresser with a fetish for angora wool. Wood releases one horrifically bad film after another, culminating with Plan Nine From Outer Space, before descending into crappy porn films toward the end of his life. It isn't necessarily a happy story, and Burton wisely only tells a small sliver of it, from Ed's first movie, until the premiere of Plan Nine.

Perhaps it is appropriate that Johnny Depp was chosen to portray Eddie Wood. Depp has a long history of playing outcasts -- for example, Edward Scissorhands. Depp makes it clear that Eddie's heart was in the right place. He worked hard on his scripts, he gave important roles to spectacularly talentless actors. And he was very kind to the drug-addled has-been Bela Lugosi, even dissuading the drunken Drac from committing suicide (which wasn't entirely altruistic, perhaps, as Lugosi had threatened to take Eddie with him). Depp makes Eddie appear almost human. Depp's portrayal is just one of several that are outstanding, including Bill Murray as Bunny Breckinridge -- one of the rare times Murray has immersed himself in his character and not been merely Bill Murray with someone else's name. The film ends on a high note, which Eddie's life didn't- he died in his sleep, watching a ball game, just a few days after he'd been evicted from his apartment.

Overall, I'll give this movie a 8/10, as someone not nearly as messed up in the head as this character, I was not able to relate to him as well as others could have. But it was still a great and interesting movie.


  1. Edd Wood movies are awesome, and this film is good, too!