Saturday, March 31, 2012

Big Fish

What's up guys? I just watched Big Fish. This movie was release by Sony Pictures in 2003.

Will Bloom is informed by his mother that his father Ed Bloom is terminal, and he travels with his pregnany French wife Josephine to his parents' home. Will and Ed had broken relationship three years before, because of the imaginative and fantasized stories told by Ed Bloom about his accomplishments in his youth. Will tries to find the true story of the mysterious life of his father, coming to a surprising discovery in the end.

I often find that in order to be interesting, a film these days needs to be stressfully suspenseful or have a complicated story line. This film didn't have either, but I found myself hoping it wouldn't end while at the same time, impatiently awaiting its conclusion. Nonetheless, I was astounded. This movie is an absolute treat for our hearts, ears and especially our eyes with each cartoon/fantasy-like scene painted with Tim Burton's reliable brilliance and magical touch. Ewan McGregor is amazing and Albert Finney gives one of the greatest performances of that year. But when you strip away the beauty, the doll-house sets and all the hocuspocus of cinematography and modern day technology, all you have is a very simple story, and therein lies the heart of this film; that one can create their own legacy, "the story of my life." Not through either extreme of extraordinary adventure or unbelievable lies, but through the art of storytelling- and THAT is what this film is about. It is through our stories that we are immortal.

I will give this movie 9/10, I really, really enjoyed it!


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