Friday, April 13, 2012

3 Idiots

Hello everyone, today I watched the movie, 3 idiots, with a couple of my buddies. This film was released by Eros International in 2009. It broke all records, and has become the Highest-grossing Bollywood film of all time.

I had already watched this movie before, but I was excited to see it again. Now I'm not a connoisseur of Bollywood movies, but I know most of them are loaded with huge amounts of cheese. This movie, however, stands out. It tells a story about the harsh truths of Indian culture, how all children are pushed to become engineers, or doctors, or other jobs that they don't want to become.
The thing that struck out to me was Aamir Khan's acting. His range is phenomenal and his characterization of

'Rancho' in this movie is positively brilliant. The small mannerisms, the walk, the smile, the attitude, the brilliance of a young person who's not restricted by the educational system, his positive attitude towards every thing in life, it's Rancho you are looking at. Not Aamir.

Technically, this film rocks with astounding and visually arresting cinematography, the aerial shots of India are a pleasant treat for our eyes. Music was good and well placed with the flow of the narration.

Overall, I thoroughly enjoyed this movie. While most reviewers would put it down because of its cheesyness, this is a Bollywood film, and Bollywood films are always cheesy! I give this movie a 8.5/10

Aal Izz Well!


  1. I'm gonna go watch this movie now, thanks!