Thursday, June 07, 2012

Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Hello once again, my readers, today I will be reviewing the concluding part of the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.

The special effects were excellent. While there's a few little things that are off, overall they're excellent. The most impressive thing about them is the grandiosity. This isn't a small or simple scene; it often includes filmed actors and action combined with thousands of digital characters , sweeping landscapes, and dozens of things happening at once. This is a good reason to see it in theaters or in high definition, there are little things that you can only notice in these viewing methods.

The filming is also magnificent. Again and again this trilogy blows my mind with the beauty of New Zealand. It serves as a great backdrop for this type of story, being very lush and green in some places, and very rocky and rugged in others.

All the sound effects are very well executed, sound suitable, and are generally loud. The Nazgul screeching felt very real, in the way that it hurt the characters' ears as well as mine. Most everything has a distinct sound, and it's rare that anything feels out of place. Howard Shore's soundtrack once again proves to be one of the best.

The acting was, as always excellent. But for me, Viggo Mortesen as Aragorn and Sean Astin as Sam blew me away. They performed their roles precisely and perfectly, and came away giving a good picture of the characters. The other characters didn't seem to execute their roles as well as these two, but they were still excellent. My one criticism is that Elijah Wood as Frodo seemed to be stuck with the same facial expression throughout the whole movie.

My, and probably most other peoples' favorite scene would have to be the battle at Minas Tirith. The awesome scope of the battle, with the special effects, sounds, and many close-ups of the action, make for a more than exciting scene. The visual effects are  especially stunning. There's also some wide shots with tens of thousands of digital characters marching on the battlefield, and it makes you think how dedicated and precise the special effects team was during this incredible scene. It's worth the price of the movie to simply to watch this on a large screen. 

This movie was awesome. It concluded one of the, if not the greatest trilogy I have ever watched. I would definitely recommend this to anyone, and would give anything to go watch it on a big screen. This movie deserved 9.5/10, and that is what I give it.


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