Thursday, February 09, 2012

Review 1: Monsters, Inc

Welcome everyone, to my first review ever.
I just watched the movie Monsters, Inc.
This movie was released in 2001 by Disney/Pixar.

Monsters, Inc. is set in a world where monsters, hence the name, rule. Unlike our world, their energy is harvested from the screams of young children in their bedrooms. The protagonist of this film, James Sullivan (Sully), is a blue, polka dotted monster with horns. He is the best of the best at scaring. Along with his partner Mike Wazowski, a green cyclops ball with horns, he pumps out scream energy. They do this in a large building, named Monsters, Inc. This business is run by Mr. Waternoose, a strange crab creature. They gain this energy by going through doors, which serve as a portal to a random child's room. They go in, scare them, and the scream sound is (magically?) turned into energy. Of all the scarers, Sully is the top, followed by the main antagonist, Randall Boggs. He is a purple six-legged chameleon-like monster.
One day when Sully has to stay at work at late, he finds a door out when it shouldn't be, and out of it comes, Boo, a human child. Monsters think that humans are toxic, so he isn't too keen about having her. But he has no choice when he also sees Randall. He puts the kid in a bag and rushes to Mike, where she escapes, and the Child Detection Agency is called, but Sully, Mike, and Boo arrive home before getting caught. There, they ponder about what to do with the kid. Mike insists on getting rid of Boo immediately, thinking of ridiculous plans to get her out of the city, but Sully starts to attach to her. Nevertheless, they make a monster suit for her and take her to Monsters, Inc. Randall suspects that they took her and tells Mike that he has until the end of lunch to put her in her door. They go to the door, but Sully is reluctant to let her go. In an attempt to show them that it's safe, Mike goes inside and starts to jump on the bed, where he is captured by Randall. Sully follows Randall into a secret room, where he has made a frightening machine that directly extracts the screams of kids from their mouths. This is Randall's way to eliminate scarers and have a constant energy source. Mike and Sully escape and try to tell Mr. Waternoose what Randall has made, but he already knows about it. He banishes them into a frozen wasteland, where Sully quickly rushes to the a village to get back to the Monster world. To his horror, Randall is trying to test out the machine on Boo. But Sully frees her and a wild chase ensues. In the end, Randall is trapped in a door which they break. Unfortunately Boo has to be put back in her room, and her door broken. Sully says his last goodbye.

Monsters, Inc. is a very interesting movie. In some ways it is rushed, spanning only two days for the most part, but the story is executed amazingly. Monsters in the closet are described in a way that no one other than the geniuses at Disney/Pixar can think of. This movie shows the relationship that two extremely contrasting characters can become good friends. In some ways, it reminds me of Romeo & Juliet. Like the way two people from opposing parties (Sully and Boo, like Rome and Juliet) become acquainted. In the end, the parties become friendly towards each other. Sully also gets banished, just like Romeo did.
Overall, I give this movie a 9/10, it is a movie that is fun for the whole family, and tearjerkers at the end that could make anybody a bit more emotional.