Monday, February 20, 2012

Review 2: Beauty and the Beast

I just watched Beauty and the Beast. 
This movie was released by Walt Disney Pictures in 1991.

Synopsis: This story revolves around Belle, a French girl in a small town. Her father is an inventor, who is perceived as a lunatic to everyone else in the town. Belle is constantly given affection by Gaston, a very large, buff, and rude man. When Belle's father creates an invention, he decides to take it to an invention fair in a far away land. Along the way, he loses his horse and stumbles across a large castle. When he enters, he is imprisoned by Beast, a prince who was cursed to become a large, hairy creature. When Belle starts to worry about him, she decides to venture out and try to find him. When she does, she is also imprisoned. She trades her own freedom for her father's. She vows to stay at the castle for the rest of her life. The Beast's curse only breaks when he has found someone he loves as much as they love him. He plans to make Belle fall in love with him. When Gaston hears about the Beast, he goes to fight him. After defeating Gaston, the Beast is turned back into his human form.

Review: This movie centers around the idea that you don't have to be beautiful for someone to like. That what is inside is more important than what is inside. This is a really good message for kids who are unfortunately not very good looking or those that judge kids who are not good looking. The animation was very good for its time as well, and the voice acting was too, as is most Disney movies. Overall I would give this movie 8.5/10. I enjoyed it, but it was a bit rushed and could have used more character development. But after all, its a Disney movie.